Get out of your cage – come work with us

Career in Slogan

Sick and tired of your employer? Looking for new opportunities? We might have something for you.

There’re no wackos yelling here. We can all be who we are and develop ourselves to a direction we want. We help you to get what you’d like to achieve, whether it’s work related or not. Hierarchy is so last season – our offices are nippy and everyone’s opinion is equally important.

Our goal is to build the best place to work in Finland. Or in Europe. And we’ll get there by putting life before work, inspiration before money and partnership before leadership.

Have you read our philosophy? If not, it’s a great place to start your journey with our culture.

Be yourself

It’s exhausting to be something you’re not, so why not stick with yourself and be proud of it? We think that a person is adequate just the way she/he is. There might be someone who’s not pleased with you being you, but we love it.

Passion = Work = Passion

Passion, flow, enthusiasm… Whatever you like to call it, you should have it if you consider working here. If you want just a job, there are other places for you. Our work is our passion and we do it with our hearts.

Asshole free zone

We don’t work with assholes. Never. We have a great team full of great people with great talent. Even the owners seem like a couple of nice fellows. That’s how we’d like to keep things. No hierarchies, no shouting, no judging.

Pick a position and fill in the application. Love letters via mail are also great.

Open applications to hello@slogan.fi

No open positions at the moment.