Values? We have them.

We're for real

We are what we are, true to ourselves. No matter the place or event. We’re genuine about our work  – no made up excuses, no shiny bullshit. Just real, great work. We’d be more than excited if our clients shared the same attitude.

We're honest

No taboos, no secrets, no closed doors. We find it simpler to keep everything open instead of having something to hide. We even share our work files with our customers. Truth’s not out there. It’s right here, and we have the guts to say it aloud.

We're expanding

Growth has three roots: clients, personnel and company. We invest on all three like never before. We want that everyone has room for growth as a person and an expert. We even show our customers how we do what we do. When people grow, Slogan grows.



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Business Strategies
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Websites & E-commerce
Digital Marketing
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Exhibition Planning
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User Interface and Experience (UI/UX) Planning
Packaging Planning


Customer Experience
Conversion Optimization


Marketing partnership


Slogan is a land of business, marketing, web, communication and design experts. We help our customers grow bigger, better and bolder – and make a smart business by lending our expertise to those who need it.

We’re marketing rebels. We rise up against empty phrases, dreary working life and narrow-minded conventions that have infected the industry. That’s exactly what Finnish work culture needs – someone to step up. A suit isn’t a sign of an expert, but we admit that it looks great even if the idea’s not. We admire hard boiled pros, but think carefully who to listen to.

How many advertising agencies actually know anything about doing business? Not many, if you look at their income statements. Many agencies claim that they’re true partners for SME’s. Afterwards they go on and sell their customers something that has to be sold, not something the customer needs. So they do the job just to get money and the result looks just like that. True partnership? Nah.

We’ve decided that we sell nothing. We tell you what you need, even if it’s something you don’t want to hear. If you’re looking for someone who tells what you want to hear, please keep searching. We’re probably too straightforward for you.

And finally, the working life. So stressful that you’ll turn gray by the time you’re 30. That’s not right! We are building a place where working is enjoyable. Of course we recommend everyone to go home to get some rest every now and then. But let’s face it – we spend more or less one third of our lives working. Let’s make it worth it.

Great Place to Work – Brace yourselves, we’re coming.


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