Remsoil Ab is a Finnish biotechnology company founded in 2018. The company is part of Honkajoki Group, which specializes in animal by-product recycling for companies working in a variety of industries.The main product of Remsoil Ab is REMSOIL – a bioremediation additive that’s made of organic by-products of Finnish agriculture. When mixed in with contaminated soil, it accelerates the soil’s own microbial activity and enhances natural degradation of contaminants.

The company needed a fresh visual identity, convincing website in two languages and clear corporate message that are internationally credible. We created an entity that is a commercially appealing both in domestic and international markets. It mediates the expertise of the company, and reflects the ecological aspects of the product. We also polished the website’s verbal content and corporate message so that it would be clear, easy-to-read and customer friendly.

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